Excess Baggage

Hello friends and family, today I wanted to talk about excess baggage. Being in the complaint department in the airline business has given me a different perspective, understanding, and appreciation for the relevance of restricting the amount of baggage, the things we carry with us on a trip, a journey or new adventure.

I have learned that packing should be relevant for the destination and season. Packing a coat and winter boots for a summer trip to the beach in Arizona is as foolish as packing flip-flops and shorts to go skiing in Denver mid-winter. Carrying an excess of things is costly. Carrying the wrong things is useless. So it is in our daily lives. Packing and transporting the baggage of our past is heavy, irrelevant and costly.

I find myself already weighted down some this new year with the baggage of wrong thoughts, past mistakes, poor decisions, personal failures and other people’s baggage. I feel the weight of it all creeping into my life daily and disrupting God’s plans for me.

So, I am making the conscious decision to let it go, to re-pack. I vow to take only those things that will serve me well in 2017. I will be sure to pack the lessons learned, but not the details of each trial, poor decision or wrong road taken in the past. I’ll be sure to pack light only taking carry-ons easily discarded if and when necessary. I won’t pack mines or anyone else’s oppressive words or thoughts. I’m leaving people and situations that are heavy and depressive behind. I will consciously consider the cost, the season and my desired destination before placing even one item in my bag. I feel lighter already just giving voice to those weighty thoughts and feelings.

I am asking forgiveness and I give everyone permission and encouragement to by all means discard any heavy or costly baggage I may have deposited in your lives as I struggled through previous years. I have traveled with the many bags, boxes, and trunks I collected from the trips of my past. Today, I am determined I won’t shed another tear or spend another sleepless night trying to make rhyme or reason out of some of the foolishness I entertained in my life. As brothers and sisters in Christ if you see or hear me slipping be a friend and let me know as family should. Old habits die hard and are not easily broken or replaced.

The scripture says in Philippians 3: 14 – forgetting and by implication “shedding” those things which are behind, I press forward toward the prize of the upward call. What prize are you desiring to attain or goal to reach this Relaunch year? Start getting there by getting rid of excess baggage and re-packing appropriately. What do you have to say on the subject? I invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Tell us where you are in the process or if you need some encouragement to begin the process to unpack and move forward. We want to hear from you because we want you to know you are not alone. A shared experience is always easier to bear with the support of the community.

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