Word Power

Hello friends and family, let me apologize in advance for any preachiness today. What can be more productive than starting the Relaunch with some self-evaluation and introspection? After all the work of the soul is to bear witness to our conscience about ourselves. Truth is, we are often the last to know when things are wrong or out of sync in our lives.
I was reading a daily devotional a couple of weeks ago. I don’t remember the author, although I want to give credit for the source of the words that pricked my conscience on this particular day. The devotional talked about the power of the words. She explained that the ability to verbally articulate thoughts and ideas is meant to be a strength and gift of God for those with a high regard for truth and accuracy. I thought, her assessment of my gift and talent was spot-on accurate. I felt good about myself. I prepared to give myself well-earned kudos for my ability to use the verbal gifts and talents bestowed upon me by my Creator. Gifts I planned to use for the cause and advancement of truth and the Kingdom. Many of my family members and friends will attest I love the art of debate and also fancy believing I am right more often than not with truth always on my side, of course.

Little did I know, that the author and the scriptures were about to blindside me with the other side of that truth. She went on to say that the verbal abilities gifted by God and intended as a strength can become a weakness under the control of the enemy, the flesh and the need to be right. The same ability to articulate one’s thoughts and ideas can be a character flaw when used inappropriately to dominate, hurt or wield influence over others in a verbal confrontation. The gift of gab and debate can take on an entirely different and non-flattering persona. Proverb 17:19, says anyone who loves to quarrel loves sin (NLT). The writer explains the need to be right is a sin when it is used to verbally spar, confound or sow discord. While at most times it is never an intentional or conscious thought to use words to manipulate or take verbal advantage of others, I admit as most of us have probably done on some occasion or another, even right here in the house of God. The desire to win and prove truth can sometimes supersede our concerns for others. I sat there mulling over her words and allowing them to wash over and through my soul. Truth is, at that very moment my conscience brought to remembrance many such instances of verbal confrontations for which I was responsible over the years. I felt convicted. I had been unfair and used words to assert my way and control over people and situations.

This realization of my actions upon others was as painful as it was revelatory. We rarely if ever, see ourselves in the same critically objective manner as others. What I could not see, and more importantly chose not to see about myself was now painfully apparent. God shined a light into my soul to bear witness to me. Like any loving and benevolent parent, He is always seeking the highest good for our lives. The word of God says there is a way that seems right, but the end thereof is destruction. Knowledge is the key to change, but Wisdom is the map to a better way. I look forward to changing as 2017 continues to be my year of revelation, truth, and discovery. I want to challenge my friends, family, and others to work toward a similar change. Stagnation means the death of the gifts and talents bestowed on us all at birth to the glory of our Creator. What are your thoughts?

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